What came before . . .

Second Adventure

o Continued toward camp. Encountered an ape. Vart hit it for 13 points of damage, but I ran away.
o Attacked by gibberling with weird shaman gibberling that rode other gibberlings.
o When shamen died he yelled, “Melsha”
o Spent night in the forest. Heard gibberlings and saw a dire bear.
o 2nd Night, five Athachs attacked an half-elf “harper” w/tattoos. Has clock, (magic), boots, (magic), dagger, (magic), sword, (silverlaced masterwork). Blue crystal, (magic) in the head.
o Harpers showed up during the war of dragons (When dragons fighting everywhere). Harpers supposedly stopped the war.
o Supposedly he will come back on the full moon.
o Narthan is the harper. Told us that Longly, a smithy, in the town to the north (Compaq) would hook us up. Tell him we have “full access.”
o We can also leave messages for Narthan with Longly.
o Narthan told us we should go to the dwarven homeland soon, “cause the skaven are building a tunnel to send a formoy (creature of chaos) to the dwarven homeland.



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