The Riddles of Clanggedin

The Players:
Cliff Jones – GM and Narrator
Rich Kaalaas – Ullrack: Half Orc Hunter
John Doyle – Lir: Human Monk
Steve Conard – Riccs: Dwarven Cleric
Moon Mulligan – Skyler: Human Fighter
John Buscher, Kyrren Whitefire: Human Paladin
Rennie Araucto– Dru: Sorcerer
Peter Adkison – Myrnac: Dwarven Druid Rogue – (Absent)
Grok Wisethrone – NPC – Minotaur Fighter

General Notes:
We began this session where we ended the last, at the magical construct, a head of Clanggedin carved out of black crystal. The Black Crystal Head of Clanggedin on a pillar and is approximately 4′ × 5′. It is a Slacerian device. We think it is from a very old neutral based race that worships the balance.

Riccs can ask the head one question per day. The head talks continually whenever Riccs is around. Its favorite form of speech appears to be in the form of riddles. It also has wry humor, making comments about all of the non-dwarven races. He specifically asks Riccs to have Ullrack step back a few paces.

As best as we can tell the device has been here for eons. Inside the room on either side are two gargoyles [cj: The Head calls them Slacerian Gargoyles] ; one has a red horn, the other yellow. They are both made of ancient stone. Behind them is a pair of doors [cj: Carefully inspection reveals that there is a huge cyclopean door that has been engraved with of the the four prime elements (fire, water, air and earth). These are element pics take four separate quadrants on the door. Each quadrant has a engraved placeholder for a gem. At least the fire element has a place holder for the ruby Myrnak has]] They have symbols of gems, similar to the gem Kyrren has [cj: I thought Myrnak still had the gem. If this has changed, I need to know.] . With our vast storeroom of knowledge, we have ascertained that it will take three more gems like the one we already have to open the door.

The device, a Slacerian Muse, attempts to place a geas type enchantment on each of us—it is actually some ancient “mission” geas/quest magical enchantment. A few members of the party decide they will fight off the affects of the geas. That would be Ullrack, Dru, and Lir. The device appears to be annoyed with them and curses them with a disease. Each of them starts speaking a different language. No one can communicate with them either spoken or written. They themselves can’t even understand what they’re saying—it’s all gibberish. CJ does a great imitation of Shaka Zulu. The device thinks this is funny and laughs. After some time I use my question of the day to ask the device what he has done to my companions and what will it take for them to be returned to normal. The device is serious about his geas and says if they submit to the geas they will be healed. They have no alternative and submit. We are now all geas’d.

As the first part of the geas we have to solve a riddle.

The Riddle: I’m going to describe a device. Tell me what it is. In marble halls as white as milk lined with a skin as soft as silk with in a fountain crystal clear a golden apple doth appear. No doors there are to this strong hold yet thieves break in and steal the gold.

The brainiacs of the party come up with the answer: Egg

Very good, he’s impressed. He tells us what our mission will be. Go to the lair of the purple worms. There you will find a mother who has newly hatched younglings. Kill them all! In one of them you will find one of the gems you are looking for.

What are you crazy! Attacking purple worms, we can’t kill purple worms. After we get over the shock, we ask the device where the lair is located. He tells me to use Divination. I tell him I do not have such a spell. I don’t have the expertise. He’s a bit frustrated but say’s “Okay; I’ll take care of it.” He then casts another geas on us. “Kill the Night Hag of the Blood Moon Coven. You do this and you will gain the experience you need to find the purple worms.” O’ great!

The device gives us no more information and reverts to telling riddles and ancient stories. After much discussion, we decide to go back to Vart. What else is there to do, we don’t know where to find this Night Hag.

On our way home three Wyverns attack us. The fight is fairly vicious, especially when Lir is grappled by one of them and starts getting stung up the pooper. We all laugh, but he doesn’t think its all that funny. Using some weird Far East maneuver, he fucks the thing up with a combination of two critical blows. When the Wyvern dies a stash of magic and gold magically appears and hits the ground. That’s weird, some how we’ve entered the world of Diablo.

The fight comes to and end and everyone is healed up.

We arrive in Vake. We report in to the temple and are informed that some unsavory dude has been asking around for us. We are told he is hanging out in the local pub. Now seen as the noble heroes of the town we do what we must and head off to the bar. Once inside, it doesn’t take long to figure out who this individual is. He’s the dude we fought once, who originally owned boots. Ullrack remembers giving him the business when they met in combat high in the branches of a tree. After what I’d call a nefarious exchange of words, we got down to business. He says his name is Guy.

He has information on the whereabouts of the Night Hag and the Blood Moon Coven. He works for them from time to time, or so he says. Anyway, he doesn’t like the hag and wants her gone, out of the picture and/or summarily removed from the plane of the living. Of course, he has stipulations. If he delivers her to us, sort of like Judas and Christ, he wants an item from her body. An item he refers to as the Heart Stone. He’s just a power mongering lowlife that doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and wants us to do his dirty work. Okay, we’re on a mission and need to continue forward. I’m suspicious because, we were just sent on this mission and this dude shows up, and wow look at this, he has all the information we need. How nice and neat. I don’t like this Guy. I ask him why he would even think we need this information. He smiles and says, “I know.” Ya right, I think the DM told him.

Much debate ensues and we agree to meet on the following day. We discuss the issue at length for the rest of the day and into the evening. We finally conclude that we have no choice and decide to take him up on this offer. We have our stipulations as well. The next day Ullrack meets Guy in the bar. Ullrack says, “Sure we’ll do it”. He’s quick to respond that he will only make a deal with the goody-two-shoes paladin. Kyrren has to agree that if Guy gives us the information we’ll give him the Heart Stone and that we don’t attack him for some period of time afterwards—30 seconds to be exact. It sounds as if he thinks he can get away in 30 seconds or less. Okay fine. But when giving us the information we want him to stand in a zone of truth. Blah Blah Blah. We eventually make the deal. He steps into the zone of truth and he gives us the information. The most important thing is that he IS telling us the truth about NOT setting us up. He then spills his guts about the Hag, where she’ll be, who will be with her, what her capabilities are, what magical items she owns, etc. [NOTE: CJ will give us this information before the next session.]

Once we get done talking to Guy we break for the evening.

To Be Continued.

PS: Guy has at least one new croc working for him. We saw them hanging out in the jungle just outside of town. Lir says he needs new boots.



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