The Legend of Sangor

September 25, 2002

The Players:
Cliff Jones – GM and Narrator
Rich Kaalaas – Ullrack: Half Orc Hunter (Absent)
John Doyle – Biggles
Steve Conard – Riccs: Dwarven Cleric
Moon Mulligan – Skyler: Human Fighter
John Buscher, Kyrren Whitefire: Human Paladin
Rennie Araucto– Dru: Sorcerer
Peter Adkison – Myrnac: Dwarven Druid Rogue – (Absent)
Grok Wisethrone – NPC – Minotaur Fighter

Since the beginning of this dreadful quest, members of our auspicious group had been dropping like cow dung, (it was a horrible way to think about it but it sure evoked the appropriate sensation). Lir had been consumed in the core of some hell fire effigy and was no longer amongst the living. Grok had abruptly found himself in the land of the dead, but before he had got the chance to wear out his welcome he was summoned back to our sides. Dru had died. . . I think. . . but of course, if the cleric didn’t know, who did. Myrnac was the latest casualty. Luckily we had the opportunity to reattach his soul to his flesh. I’d managed to cheat death as the others had dropped around me. It was my job to keep the group healthy; it was my job to make sure they didn’t die. I’d done a terrible job. The life of a cleric was much like the life of a kicker in sporting events. Yes, we both were part of the team, but at the same time we weren’t. I couldn’t help but wonder if death was better then this. I sure hope the egg we were looking for was worth the price.

The final chapter

Darkness surrounded us as we stood atop a long sloping corridor—the weight of the stone labyrinth was suffocating. It had been a long time since we had the luxury of a bona fide option. An option we as a group could make for ourselves. We felt like marionette puppets dangling on strings above a precipice, with a slight tug from above and we’d tumble to our deaths. We were slaves to the quest. The mood of the party was gray. We continued our forced march and slowly advanced downward.

 A few hundred feet later we came into a 20 × 30 room flooded with water. The room had an 8 foot ceiling and the water level was at approximately 4 feet. There were exits on each wall. On the far side was a closed door. To the left and right were open passages.
 We began the typical investigation of the room looking for traps or anything outside the ordinary, (what a stupid statement that was, everything we were doing was outside the ordinary – hell, how could we now define ordinary. . . ) Dru summoned a shark and sent it to explore the room and the passageways beyond. Alas the shark disappeared before his searching was completed. If Dru had been a little more adept at spell casting the shark would have stuck around longer. Ha! Therefore I had to summon a Water Elemental to finish the job. See Dru, your mom was right, if you would have studied harder after school your wittle shark might have stuck around longer.
 Meanwhile Myrnac with the aid of Skyler, (using a walk on water trick) began checking out the closed door on the far side of the room. The shark had sensed something behind the door but with further investigation Myrnac determined all was clear. Opening the door could prove to be perilous, especially if there wasn’t any water on the other side. Spiking the top of the door, Myrnac held on tightly with one hand as he opened the door with the other. Grok waded across the room to help. The door opened slowly; there was water on the other side of the door as well. Grabbing hold of the spike with two hands he shoved open the door with his two feet. The corridor beyond was empty.
 The water elemental was doing a good job scouting. It went down the left corridor a ways, came to an elbow, turned and continued on until it came to a door. There was an opening under the door and the elemental slipped through. . . my elemental didn’t return. Seems he ran into trouble. Trouble always seemed to find us, so we decided to find it. Down the left corridor we waded.
 We stood before the door in a single file formation – the corridor was quite small. Grok thrust the door open and we were immediately attacked.
 A black cloud enveloped the room and through the blackness came acid. Horrible hot acid. Too bad Kyrren hadn’t seen the attack coming; he could have protected us with his head. I hear it’s nearly immune to acid these days.
 With in a round Grok, Skyler and Kyrren had forced their way through the darkness into a large room. They were immediately set upon by two giant dire pythons.
 A battle of strength was soon the focus of the fight as the pythons began coiling themselves around Grok and Kyrren. It was ugly! Grok was being bitten repeatedly and wasn’t faring well. Just when he broke free the snake came at him once again.
 In the mean time the rest of us where caught behind the cloud of darkness. Everything we tried failed, the darkness remained.
 Enter the hag bitch. We’re fairly certain she was a hag, I’m guessing on the bitch part. Picture a swamp hag with huge dragon wings. Yet another member of the Blood Moon Coven. Skyler decided to engage the hag in mortal combat. Stepping up he yelled, “Where is my fucking sword!” Oh yea, forgot that part. Seems Kyrren finally became interested in the holy sword and he and Skyler agreed to trade weapons, (for a while). Kyrren was mesmerized by the pretty lights the sword shed when he’s virgin like hands touched it. Needless to say, Skyler was lucky to hold his own against the hag.
 Eventually the rest of us decided to just run through the darkness. Seemed to work, we all came out the other side, albeit in the midst of battle. Myrnac took the appropriate angle behind one of the snakes and began crushing him with severe blows. Unfortunately Grok could no longer withstand the continual squeeze of the reptile and it’s venom laced bites and dropped below the surface of the water. Luckily I was there to heal him and with a Dismissal spell the snake was sent packing. With the combined might of our awesome presence we prevailed upon the snakes. The bitch was next. She must have realized her peril and translocated to safety.
 Yea baby, a fight and nobody died. We all felt pretty good as we gave each other high-fives.
 During the fight we were assisted by a short shit little gnome. He came out of no-where to assist us in attacking the snakes. We didn’t know the intentions of the gnome so we kept our distance. After the fight was over we inquired as to who he was. It was revealed to us that the gnome was in fact Lir, who was Hezril before that. It seems the soul of our companion possesses dudes—Lir and Hezril were the unfortunate targets. The gnome was the latest. He mentioned he was chasing some dude, needed to kill him or something. It was all very complicated. We asked him questions that only Lir or Hezril would be able to answer. After a short time we were all satisfied. His newest form went by the name of Giggles, ah Biggles.
 We continued through corridors of the swamp laden labyrinth—I don’t think we’ll get the stench off us for quite some time.
 After some time we came to a colossal honeycombed cavern. It was so impressively big we couldn’t see the other side. Piles of eggs littered the floor. The end of our quest was near.
 A movement caught our eye; a colossal purple worm studded in rare gems wiggled his way into the room. When a worm his size wiggles it can move very quickly. It came into the cavern and just as quickly left. Seems it was just passing through. I remembered a story of a legendary creature, an ancient purple worm called SANGOR. Hundreds of years ago, as the story went, a Dwarven mining community had accidentally dug into his lair and it had killed every last one of them. Biggles told us that the hag had lived in fear of Sangor and rightly so, holy crap.
 We needed to find the egg and get the hell out of here quick. Biggles could fly and therefore took the lead. Out into the chamber he flew at high-speed. He flew at reckless abandon. There were just too many eggs. Suddenly the worm returned, one second the room was empty the next the room was dominated by the fast moving behemoth. Biggles couldn’t help but get caught up in its wake—he tumbled out of the air and crashed and burned. An instant later it was gone. Biggles limped back, his wings bent over. I quickly healed him and off he went again. And so it went, the search, the worm, the search, the worm. We couldn’t predict its movement – it kept coming and going. Luckily it didn’t take notice of our presence. Either that or it didn’t care. Doubt that however.
 Eventually, thank god, Biggles found the egg. It pulsated a rainbow of colors. Knowing that no-one other then Dru could pick it up, Dru was forced to enter the room. Biggles provided Dru with exact directions and soon Dru was kneeling over the egg. I’m sure he would have like to have taken more time to study the object but fear of the returning worm was foremost in his mind. He reached down and took the egg. . . a blazon brilliance filled the chamber. White hot spots filled the eyes of those of us who stood by watching. Dru screamed in agony as fire consumed him. Sheets of flame shot skyward as heat waves emanated outward. Dru looked down to see that his arms were on fire. Intense yellow and reds turned white hot—there was no color, only violent intense heat. Conscience gone, Dru fell to the ground.
 We looked on in horror. Biggles raced to his side unconcerned with the potential return of the worm. Sure enough, the worm returned. They were jostled about but nothing more serious then a few bumps and bruises. A few seconds later they were safe at the edge of the chamber.
 While Biggles had searched for the egg he had found a few items of interest. A bottle, a horse hair shirt, and a double bladed sword. We were tempted to continue searching for baubles but realized our folly. We would surely die if we stayed.
 Dru had not died in his ordeal with the egg. Red tattoos now ran down the length of his arms and his eyes were gone replaced with burning embers. Frankly, the dude looked freaky.
 We were whisked away by one of our allies, (Sorry can’t remember her name). We asked to be teleported to Myrnac’s & Ricc’s home city so that we could re-supply ourselves. We arrived amongst dwarves hustling about in a frenzied state. Damn it, we had appeared in the middle of a war zone. The city was besieged by Skavin. Bastards!

The quest was over!



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