The destruction of the tower and the Banelar

I did not make it to this adventure.

• We traveled from Compaq to the alchemist tower. We were jumped by Dire Rats.
• The tower was destroyed by a demon that was gated in by a sorcerer derro.
• We felt a map in the destruction that lead to a temple in a swamp that was about half days march away.
• We did go there and scouted around and found a Banelar, (magical snake like creature). It had two wands and cast a spell at the ranger.
• We fled and prepared an assault.
• We separated into groups and attacked simultaneously, but we messed up badly.
• There was a dark tree in the corner and cast confusion on four of the fighters which caused major mayhem on our party.
• The Banelar cast Evard’s Black Tentacles everywhere and filled the entire swamp.
• Only Grok was able to make it to the creature.
• A bard Harper showed up and cancelled the tentacles.
• The tentacles came back and then blocked the confusion.
• We beat the crap out of the Banelar until it was dead, dead, dead.
• The tree was quick to follow.
• Myrnac found a compartment and ended up losing a level because of a magical trap. Doh! Took if from his rogue.
• Found an artifact; which Skyler touched and became Psionic.
• That was it.
• Everything was identified.



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