Part IV

January 18, 2001

The Players:
GM: Cliff Jones
Steve Conard – Riccs: Dwarven Cleric (Played by other players)
Peter Adkison – Myrnac: Dwarven Druid Rogue
John Buscher– Kyrren Whitefire: Human Paladin (
Grok Wisethrone – NPC – Minotaur Fighter
Moon Mullligan– Skyler: Human Fighter – Note present (

Richard Kaalaas – Ullrack: Half Orc Hunter (TARDY)
Nick — N’Talic Moseth’rs – High Elf Sorcerer ( (TARDY)

Last Time….
Fought 7 orange-skinned goblinoids with rhino-type horns.
Fought 2 derro barbarians, sorceror and werewolf.

Now at L4 Kyreen, Skyler, Grok
Note: Riccs and Myrnak and possibly Sa-Ullrack will level next adventure.

Player Note!
Looks like we are going to settle on Thursday night as the regular game night. When next? I’m willing to play any/every Thursday night through the end of February except for Feb 1. What’s your choices?

Current Possible Adventure Hooks:
Investigation of N’talic Assassination
Possible Haunted Van Dove Mansion
Black Unicorn and Standing Stones
Die, Derro, Die
Basking in their glory at the Needle Patch, the heros learn about another attack on a farm homestead. Rumors abound that the homestead was totally dissolved. Their big holes in the ground surround the farm. Many, many unnatural tracks surround this homestead. Actual guards were there but there is no sign of any bodies and the patrol has not reported back in. They are feared dead.
Group of farmers ask the Helmite, Kyreen that you rid them, their families live in fear every night.
Trip Back to Vake
The Key Ruins
Gibberlings near Vake
Melsha, Symbol: blackened shirvled gibberling foot ad the Nightmare



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