Part III

December 10, 2000

The Players:
GM: Cliff Jones
Steve Conard – Riccs: Dwarven Cleric
John – Kyrren Whitefire: Human Paladin (
Peter Adkison – Vart: Dwarven Rogue
Nick — N’Talic Moseth’rs – High Elf Sorcerer (
Moon Mullligan– Skyler: Human Fighter – Note present (
Grok Wisethrone – NPC – Minotaur Fighter
Kain – NPC – Elf Ranger

Journal Notes

It’s raining . . .

We’re traveling to Compaq. It should take about 3+ days to get to the city.

First Day:

“It’s a dark and gloomy day—rain assaults us with out prejudice.”

The day goes by with out incident.

Second Day:

“The rain filled clouds hangs low on the horizon.”

We hear these creatures, a bunch of them, and it sounds like they’re marching—they appear to be moving perpendicular to us, (east to west). Vart checks it out and sees 15 to 20 ant like creatures. We decided to give them a wide berth—we wait about 2 hours for them to clear out. When we go back they are still moving. Oops, wrong count there must be hundreds if not thousands of these ant boys.

That evening we still hear the ants marching. O’ shit! How many are there?

As we are setting up camp a warrior ant stops by and looks, he eyeballs us. Two more show up and then the three of them click clack away.

In the middle of the night, we hear tree’s getting knocked down. We think they are eating. A bunch of them show up and surround us and don’t do anything. They just hang back and watch. We get the message!

Third Day:

“Rain continues to fall.”

The army continues to march into the middle of the next day.

The next day, after they’re gone, we check out the trail the left behind—destruction is everywhere.

The day goes with out incident. It rains all day long.

That evening we stop and make camp—a fire is a must.

Shit happens on the second watch. Vart sees a 9’ hairy, red eyed, feather wearing beast—and it’s moving. We think it must be an Owlbear, and it’s cruising towards Vart. Vart prepares for action—he fires his crossbow as he tries to alert the party, “Monster Yonder that away.” We all role to see if we wake up—every one is awake.


Vart goes first and prepares for combat—everyone else forms line of battle.

Grok is the center of attention as the Owlbear enters combat. The Owlbear is apparently going for maximum meat potential. Grok is immediately hit 3 three times for 20 points of damage. We all lament various forms of the following comment, “That would take me out.”

The next round the Owlbear focused his attention on Skyler—the man with two weapons. An attack was successful but his attempt to grapple failed. The battle wages on into the 3rd round.

Kyrren gets the killing blow—but as Vart points out we all helped. Kyrren does a damn nasty thing as he disembowels the Owlbear. Apparently he thinks the beast might have eaten someone who might have owned magic. Yea right.

Grok smells something, he’s not sure what it is maybe another Owlbear.

We determine the Owlbear’s lair is not far away and off we go to check it out. We find it and we hear a beastie inside. Another Owlbear is inside with a litter of Owlbear cubs. We believe the Owlbear cubs are worth upwards of 2000 gold piece each. With money on the brain it’s clear what our next move should be.

The other Owlbear will not come out of the cave. We build a fire in the entrance and smoke out the female Owlbear. Eventually she comes out, plenty pissed.


Battle ensues. Fight, blow, strike, counter blow, grapple, blah, blah, blah. The female dies a horrible death. Kain gets the killing blow with his short sword.

Big debate ensues as Kyrren states he’s going to kill the 3 Owlbear cubs. Damn stupid Paladin would rather kill 3 insignificant creatures than sell them for 6000 gold pieces. We determine the cubs are too young yet to have adopted any type of alignment. Kyrren drops his stance on killing the cubs. Its clear Kyrren’s shallow single mindedness is going to be a problem in the future.

Found 220 gold pieces scattered around in the Owlbear Lair
2 Adult Owlbear Skins
3 Owlbear Cubs, (alive—in nets)

We decide to spend the rest of the night in the cave. Later on that night, Kain hears a female crying for help somewhere outside the cave. Kain leaves the cave to check out the girl—she’s a wood elf. She moans, acting like she’s hurt or something; then suddenly she attacks Kain; she’s now a Hag. Luckily Grok is not far away; the rest of us are asleep.


Grok roars as he charges headlong into combat. We all wake up as the commotion of combat reverberates through the cave.

Battle once more permeates the group—our blood races, adrenaline pumping, we get to kill something else—what joy. The Hag is relentless as she attempts to send us to the bloody hells. Claw, thrash, swipe, hack; the battle will not be quick, the hag wench is tough. She apparently is undaunted in the face of 7 seasoned adventurers.

Vart gets a decent attack in from the backside and she decides to surrender the battlefield and runs away at high speed. We can’t stop her and she disappears into the night. Damn, we didn’t get our kill. That’s ok; we know that nature has provided lots of stuff for us to kill. There is always tomorrow. We head back into the cave.

We sleep the rest of the night and all goes well. We stay long enough, (8 hours) to recoup our spells.

Fourth Day:

“Rain slows to a Drizzle.”

We travel onward.

Vart spots a goblinoid and it spots Vart. The goblin runs like hell and is snatched off the ground by some horrible mix of crustacean, insect, and serpent as it steps out from behind a grove of trees. It has huge pincer like claws, mandible mouth and a bunch of other nasty shit we rather not deal with.

Vart shoots, misses, and draws the ire of the evil beast.


The beast moves forward, [picture CJ making weird smacking, crunching, growling sounds—kind of reminds me of the sound the ant army made. Coincidence? I think not.]

Skyler is snatched up by the Crustacean beast, once again CJ makes otherworldly noises attempting to demonstrate its raw power—he clenches his fist shut in a exaggerated thrust. The claws have Skyler in a death grip. Next it’s Kyrren’s turn; he also gets snatched up in the pincers. Doesn’t look good for us. Riccs tries to cast Doom, but the lobster champion easily resists the attack.

The next round Kyrren goes to –2; and Skyler goes to –4 (due to being caught in the pincers). Once they go limp they get tossed aside.

In a gurgling outburst from CJ’s throat, the lobster champion steps forward. Bam . . . 20 . . . N’Talic dies a horrible death as his body is cleaved in two, (he’s way below –10). Riccs is the next target and is easily snatched up. One round later Riccs bites the big one –3 and is tossed aside.

Kain is the next victim—he’s in the vice grips. Like a line of succession Vart is snatched up as well. Things look bleak.

Divine Intervention, ok not really, but close enough. Nathan, (some dude we saved in some prior adventure) shows up on the scene. What are the odds!

Kain drops to –7, another limp dick tossed aside like a used rubber. A few seconds later Vart slams down hard on the pile of corpses he’s way beyond –10.

Grok rushes the crustacean lord, savage moo’s burst from his muzzle as he charges headfirst. His horns penetrate the exoskeleton and reap grand retribution—the crustacean drops dead. He looks around and it appears he is the only one standing. The fight with the Crustacean giant was glorious.

Nathan swaggers into the clearing. Hey, look whose here and sporting healing potions ta boot. All praise Nathan.

When it’s all said and done we have two really dead people—the corpses belong to Vart, and N’Talic.

We make it to Compaq with Nathan’s aid. Riccs takes his son Vart.

To Be Continued . . .

These Characters gain 1721 XPs

Grok (npc)
Vart (peter dead now)
Ricc (steve)
Kyrreen (john)
Ntalic (nick)
Skylar (moon)
Kane (npc)

3 owlbear cubs were sold for 2200 gps each. (6600)
2 owlbear skins (pretty hacked up) 50 gps each (100)

Discussion Topic:
What share do henchmen get of the treasure?

Met Barron (human) and S’Ullrack Bergen (rich, halforc)
Jarell bar owner of the Needle Patch Tavern

Equipment Attained from The Ambush of N’talic
2 Long Swds
2 Scale Mail (human)
4 Healing Potions
2 Small Steel Shields
2 Great Helms (human)



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