Let the Adventure Begin . . . I

Campaign Information
• Free Realm
• Planet Ith
• Jungle World

Start Date: Fall 2000

The Players:
GM: Cliff Jones
Steve Conard – Riccs: Dwarven Cleric – Note Present
John – Kyrren Whitefire: Human Paladin
Peter Adkison – Vart: Dwarven Rogue
Nick — N’Talic Moseth’rs – High Elf Sorcerer
Moon Mullligan– Skyler: Human Fighter –
Grok Wisethrone – NPC – Minotaur Fighter

What came before . . .

First Adventure

• Sent south to investigate why Skavin are digging into a mountain, fighting a dwarven community near there.
• From the Black Sunder Mountains, the Dwarven Homeland
• Skavin are in the same range, but the southern-most tip. Range is 200 miles long, north-south.
• See smoke coming up out of a valley.
• It’s a town, people are running around in a panic.
• Went to see what’s up. Fought Lizardfolk and yaun-ti.
• Killed the Lizardfolk but yuan-ti got away.
• Boy cam out and explained his father’s dieing from poison bite.
• Went to boy’s house, father said, “and key is under the hut”, then the father died.
• Under houise was a chest with a metal device “The Key” and a journal.
• Journal told of the father being on an overseas trip, sunk by a sea creature, interrogated by humans, then memory loss.
• Humans gave him the key, said it would open a door at a ruins that belonged to them, “needed when the chaos times came”
• Also there was a map of where the ruin is, 1 day away.
• Boy said that’s where the lizard folk are.
• Father’s Name is Carl Thane
• Son’s Name: Aaron Thane
• Town: Vake
• Started toward the camp. On way encountered ghouls.
• N’talic summoned a fire mephit familiar.
• Loot:
o 5 great clubs (minotaur)
o 2 javelins (N’talic, Minotaur)
o Key



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