Enter the Couatl

The Players:
Cliff Jones – GM and Narrator
Rich Kaalaas – Ullrack: Half Orc Hunter
John Doyle – Hezril: Celestial
Steve Conard – Riccs: Dwarven Cleric
Moon Mulligan – Skyler: Human Fighter
Nick Firsow, Roland Zevon: The Headless Thompson Gunnar (Absent)
John Buscher, Kyrren Whitefire: Human Paladin
Peter Adkison – Myrnac: Dwarven Druid Rogue
Grok Wisethrone – NPC – Minotaur Fighter

We are back at Compaq and rearing to go.

Scribe Scroll
Cost to buy scrolls: 0) 12.5, 1) 25, 2) 150, 3) 375, 4) 700
Cost to make scrolls: 0) 6.25, 1) 12.5, 2) 75, 3) 187.5, 4) 350
Experience point cost: divide gold cost by 25.
Riccs is buying 3rd level dispel magic today from church of Freya. (-375)
Riccs is scribing scroll – Cure Moderate: 150gp + 6 xp.
7 Cure Moderate scrolls (150 × 7) 1050 + 42 xp. April 5, 2001

I guess we’ve had enough of Compaq for the time being and we decide to head back to Vake, that small bustling hamlet we all know and love. As I think of Vake, I can’t help but think of Vart, my dead rogue son.

It’s early morning; our spirits are high as we once again leave the city gates. Our trek to Vake should take us about three days; as we head across the land we take up our marching positions, a system of movement that has become second nature to us. Hell, we can’t walk down the street of a well-protected city anymore with out taking up this defensive stance. No wonder people get out of our way.

We are back into the deep deep jungle, [think Olympic National Forest, but warmer]. Ullrack is in the lead out about 60 feet. Everything is going well, we’re not naïve, we know eventually we’re going to be jumped by some denizen of this chaos laced wilderness.

Ullrack hears a high-pitched electrical buzzing. An electrical blue bolt streaks across the ground, skipping and jumping along converging on our half-orc buddy. With reflexes of an agile cat, he sidesteps and the blue bolt streaks on by; he still takes a bit of damage from the static electricity. It doesn’t take long for the elemental to reveal itself; it’s a shocker Lizard, a small magical beast. Myrnac informs us that these guys get exponentially more powerful the more there are of them.


The Lizard attacks Ullrack once more. [He takes 3 damage.]

Another Lizard shows up and attacks Hezril, but luckily, he’s immune to elemental energy. Another one shows up, making a total of three.

Myrnac is casting Natures Ally—hopefully he’ll get some fodder creature to die for him. [It will take about a round for the creature to show up.]

Ullrack is quick to react and lets two arrows fly, the first one goes wide disappearing into the foliage, the second finds its mark. [9 damage]

Grok moves up 40 feet to enter combat—I follow him close behind.

The three join in one massive electrical damage. Everyone in 25-foot radius takes damage. Wow, these guys would be wicked in large numbers. I look around to make sure there isn’t any more sneaking up on us.

Hezril takes one down, thank god, we can’t afford to have these guys working together.

Skyler turns and advances, but they ran away. The remaining two take off, that is it. I guess the encounter is over.

It is now the evening of the first day. It’s time to make camp. Its springtime, the weather is over cast, but not raining. We decide to keep watch in groups of two in three shifts.

Hezril and Riccs are on watch, it’s about one hour before sunrise when shit goes down.

[The narrator, “This is what happens. A bright light cascades down from the heavens. We see a winged creature, with a snake-like body. The wings look angelic—it’s obviously a Couatl. The creature is bleeding. Soon as that creature comes down another creatures also appears; it’s a demonic spider of some sort wearing gray armor. It immediately wraps the exotic snake creature in a web. The spider is HUGE. It too is bleeding” The narrator goes off with lots of cool sounding combat sounds as the two creatures mix it up.]

[Peter yells, “Death to Lolth!” He then says in a nerdy voice, “I cast animal friendship.” Getting CJ’s attention he continues, “I cast animal friendship” his voice drips with geekdom.]

The narrator once again tells us the spider is fucking big. [I guess the spider is big.]


Magic circles of chaos encircle each lawful and good character. That would be Hezril, Skyler, Kyrren, Grok, and Riccs.

Myrnac wakes up and smells evil.

The two beasts are fighting with spells.

Hezril steps up to the spider hacking wildly, the attack is unsuccessful. [Doyle rolled a 21 and he missed.] This is going to be a long fight.

I cast Bulls Strength on Grok—sort of makes sense eh!

Ullrack wakes up and he too feels evil.

Kyrren gets up with sleep in his eye’s and readies for action.

I notice the Couatl has a chain with a sword hanging on it and it begins burning intensely white.

Skyler also misses the spider—he too notices the white-hot sword hanging from the Couatl’s neck. We think it’s trying to magically attack the spider in some unknown manner.

Hezril hits the spider, [rolls a 27] but does only a minimum damage.

I cast Doom on the otherworldly spider, it some how shrugs off the spell.

The battle rages on, blah, blah, blah. The Couatl doesn’t look good. We suspect that if he dies we all die.

Ullrack hits the spider with a good shot—thank god, we’re finally doing something.

The Couatl continues to use his glowing sword; a beam of white-hot energy affects the Spider but doesn’t appear to be doing damage. It must be doing something else.

Myrnac steps into the web and heals the Couatl. [Heal for 8]

Skyler attacks. Kabang! Good roll o’ chap. [He inflicts 22 damage]

Hezril attacks from the flank, his sword digs deep. [18 points of damage]

I follow Myrnac into the web to heal the Couatl [Heal for 10]

Kyrren attacks impacting solidly, [Inflicts 10 damage on the spider.]

The Couatl continues to use his sword. He seems to be helping us. [Off the record, we know he’s preventing damage.]

Myrnac heals the Couatl again. [Heal for 9]

Peter keeps reminding Moon that he gets to go every round. Moon continues to be surprised that he gets another action.

The Spider disappears. It must have taken enough damage, felt the odds were bad, or something. It decided it was time to retreat.

The Couatl speaks, “Thank you friends.” He notices that some of us can understand him.

Myrnac speaks up, “Did you pop in here randomly or were you looking for us.”

“I was on a scouting mission when I was attacked by that foul creature.”

The Couatl looks at Kyrren, “Are you a Paladin of Donblas?”

“No, I’m a paladin of Helm”

“Oh.” The Couatl seemed a bit confused, but finally admitted. “I’ve never heard of him.”

[“Riccs is a cleric of armor, Hezril is a celestial of greaves, Skyler the warrior of gauntlets, Ullrack the ranger of bows, and I’d hate to see who gets the boot.” Peter is in rare form as we all laugh in unison.]

Myrnac suggests that I heal the Couatl. I was just thinking the same thing so with the help of Clanggedin I restored the Couatl’s health. During this time, we have a quick quaint conversation with him.

Skyler tells him we’re on our way to Vake.

The Couatl doesn’t know the name, but after we explain where the town is located, he tells us some new information. “There is major activity in and around that area. That’s where I was scouting.”

Hezril changes the direction of the conversation, “Do you serve a god?”

“Yes! Donblas. The god of law. The Justice Maker.”

Looking at Myrnac, the Couatl questions, “Who do you worship.”

“A dwarven deity.” the response was so quick it had to be accurate.

The Couatl then takes the time to look at all of the holy symbols our group is sporting. “Have you heard of a Dracolisk. I know one is in the vicinity of where you’re heading.

“If we run into this thing, do you have any tips, or do we just die.” Our influence on Hezril is becoming more prominent by the day. Even he is becoming more sarcastic.

“You look like a strong party.” The Couatl doesn’t provide any hint. Why is it that people of higher station or powerful entities are so reluctant to give out information? Like telling us to carry a mirror would’ve hurt.

“Is there anything you need? I need to get back to give my report.” Yea, we have a need. We just asked you about the Dracolisk. Of course, I didn’t say it aloud.

“What is your name?” I ask.

“I’m Olazik”

Skyler chimes in; he’s interested in gaining information about his new psionics and green dot.

“Oh, yes you are psionic.” Olazik reassures him. “Interesting, membrane.”

“Do you know how to get rid of the green dot?” Skyler asks eagerly, hoping he did.

“Sorry”, the Couatl responds, “That’s a human mechanic.”

“Are you psionic?” Skyler asks.


Kyrren gets back to the situation at hand, “If we bring you information do you want it?”

“If you come back here, there is a shrine in a settlement nearby. Leave it at the shrine of Donblas.”

Apparently the conversation was over, “Thank you and be safe my friends.” And with that he disappeared. Wooosh and he was gone.

We look around and marvel that none of us were injured in the fight.

We relax until morning. We then continue our travels. After a couple of hours, we notice the world is very silent. We don’t hear anything. We don’t hear any birds, or a living thing for that matter.

Hezril, asks Myrnac, “You’re a druid, why is there no sound of creatures.”

“Something scared the animals away.” Myrnac responds with his smart-ass tone. “Only fools enter this place.” He was trying to act creepy.

We are entering a place where the land is scared. A massive swath a hundred yards wide goes from horizon to horizon. The area of destruction is filled with hoof prints—huge, gargantuan footprints. They are so big we can sit in them. From what we can determine they’ve been here for a couple of weeks. Hezril flies high overhead and verifies the destruction goes as far as he can see in both directions.

We decide to cross the 100-yard swath. Ullrack thinks he should check it out first—a wise decision. The place is wet and rotting, it stinks terribly. He moves silently and heads across the swath. He sees maggots, leeches, and all kinds of nasty stuff. Once on the other side, he determines everything is clear. He yells back, “Its all clear, come on over!”

This place stinks, even to Myrnac. We make a lot of jokes about stink, farts, and other bathroom jokes. We decide it’s time to cross.

Skyler steps up to the brink and then decides for some unnatural reason that he IS NOT crossing this swath. We decide that Hezril can carry Skyler. None of the animals want to cross the wicked swath either. Ullrack doesn’t understand what is taking us so long. Us civilized people don’t like this mess. Apparently orcs, or even half orcs don’t mind stinking, decaying, jungle.

[We decide to stop for the evening.]

To Be Continued . . .



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